Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dramatic Video Captures Man in Struggle with Police Officer; Shows Total Disrespect for Law

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A mobile patrol officer was attacked on Monday afternoon as he struggled to detain a motorcyclist.

The disturbing video circulating social media shows the police officer and the young man in a struggle as motorists tow the traffic line.

In the tense video, police and civilian bikes are strewn along a highway as the officer and the young man struggle in another lane of the street, in what appears to be a traffic stop.

As traffic is backed up and passersby watch the scene unfold, the young man becomes belligerent as he pushes and shouts at the officer.

The officer then tries to detain the man as he grabs him by the jacket.

Seeing the scuffle, a plainclothes officer emerges from the traffic, runs up the lane and onto the scene while armed with a firearm.

He points the gun at the young man, demanding that he adhere to the request of the detaining officer.

The young man surrenders and is restrained on the ground.

The big picture

In recent times, social media have become bombarded with anti-police sentiments and police said they have seen an increase in assaults on officers attempting to execute their duties.

Back in April, Commissioner of Police Ashton Greenslade said most cases on Grand Bahama were during routine traffic stops.

Greenslade said the RBPF warned that violators will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

“I want to address members of the public who seek to break the law. I warn you that my officers will not be complacent in the execution of their duties. Please be mindful that these officers are efficiently trained and will use necessary force to enforce the law,” he said.

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