Bahamian Pastors Stuck Abroad

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The couple is in Florida, waiting to reunite with their children in the Bahamas

Like many Bahamians who are stuck abroad during the coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Vanrico Hanna is eager to come home.

He has spent the last month in the United States with his wife, Carla, but away from his children.

The pastors of Restoration Deliverance International Ministries are stuck in Ft Lauderdale, Florida waiting for the borders to reopen.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ announcement on Monday that his government is working to bring Bahamians home amidst the coronavirus pandemic is sure to bring a sigh of relief.

On March 23, the couple travelled to the United States to minister at a church service in Florida.

Pastor Hanna said they left the Bahamas knowing the possibility that they may not be able to return to the country.

Despite the uncertainty, they maintained a strong faith in God.

On their way back home, the borders were closed. Now the couple is living at Quality Inn Resort.

They said they have received financial assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other generous donors which keeps them afloat.

Despite their inability to return home, their faith remains strong.

To pass the time, the couple holds online church services in their hotel room. They say technology keeps them connected to their congregation while away from home.

Pastor Hanna says he impatiently awaits the reopening of the border to see his three children.

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