Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Nearly 200 Healthcare Workers in Quarantine

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Dr. Sands says they were exposed to the virus after contact with patients on the ward who were later confirmed as COVID19 positive

Health Minister Duane Sands revealed that more than 200 health care workers are in quarantine after exposure to the coronavirus.

This comes after a patient from the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre from Robert-Smith Unit was referred to the Princess Margaret Hospital for medical management, he said.

“Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre referred a patient from the Robert Smith Unit to PMH for further medical management on the April 5th. This patient received treatment at PMH and was discharged on April 15th to the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

“Days later, the Medical Surgical Ward II of PMH was declared compromised on discovery of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on the ward.

“Consequently, the ward was closed to new admissions on April 18th. The patient of the Robert Smith Unit was returned to PMH on April 19th to be tested for COVID-19.

“On April 20th, it was confirmed that the Robert-Smith Unit patient had contracted COVID-19.”

Sands said the patient is receiving care at the Doctor’s Hospital West facility.

He said the remaining 39 patients at the Robert-Smith Unit at Sandilands are in isolation and the unit was sanitized.

Sands said forty-six staff members at Sandilands were identified for risk exposure assessment.

“However, we believe that upon completion of our risk assessment the number is expected to decrease significantly,” Sands said.

One staff member, two patients and two registered nurses were quarantined for 14 days.

Sands said subsequently, all remaining patients on the Medical Surgical Ward II were tested for COVID-19 and that healthcare workers began contact tracing and exposure assessments for the people discharged from the ward, and those who were in contact with current patients on the ward.

“Currently, four patients remain on the ward. Three of the four remain in isolation and one remains on the open ward. As long as patients remain on the ward, routine sanitation standards are being followed. High cleaning is scheduled as soon as all patients are discharged,” he said.

He continued, “As a precaution, and in order to take proactive steps to protect their health, all persons will be monitored closely, tested for COVID-19, and if required they will be admitted to one of our COVID centers for care.”

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