Thursday, June 30, 2022

Davis’ Lack of Confidence Causes Picewell to Walk Away

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South and Central Andros MP Picewell Forbes said PLP leader Philip Davis, has not reposed confidence in him, therefore he will not offer himself in the 2022 General Election.

Forbes said he needed to see confidence from the leadership. “A simple go on the ground to say you support me,” would show Davis’ faith in him, he believes.

Standing in the House of Assembly on Monday morning, Forbes said his final goodbyes before walking out to a standing ovation by House members.

Why it matters?

Prospective candidates for the PLP, hoping to be ratified, have been scouting the Mangrove Cay, South and Central Andros constituency.

And back in November, Monique Pindling, daughter of former Prime Minister Lynden Pindling publicly confirmed her bid for that constituency on the PLP ticket.

The big picture

Forbes is a 13-year veteran of the House of Assembly and remained one of four PLP parliamentarians who retained their seats in the 2017 election. He along with party leader Philip Davis, deputy leader of the party Chester Cooper, Glennys Hanna Martin,  and recently joined Vaughn Miller made up the official Opposition.

What Forbes said before he left

Forbes said as MP for South and Central Andros, he has faced questions from his constituents who have asked him about the number of people his party has sent to canvass the area ahead of the General Election.

“To every house, you go to, the question is being asked, ‘Are you running? How many persons are the PLP going to put on the ground against you? When is this issue going to be cleared up?’

“When you continue to go back and forth on this, ..and after all of the questions in Mangrove Cay and you have given it your best, …and all these questions still abound, after all these years… farewell,” Forbes said to reporters.

Worth noting

Forbes still remains a member of the PLP to date. He did not announce a resignation but indicated that he will mull over further decisions and his connection with the party.


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