Johnson Calls on Davis to Apologize to Forbes

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Yamacraw MP and Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration Elsworth Johnson defended Progressive Liberal Party MP for Mangrove Cay, South and Central Andros Picewell Forbes who announced on Monday that he would not offer himself in the next General Election on the PLP ticket.

Johnson called on PLP Party leader Philip Davis, who was not in the House during the first session today, to apologize for the treatment of Forbes.

Johnson said, “…South Andros deserves better,” as Forbes looked on.

The big picture

Forbes said he will not offer himself as a candidate in the 2022 General Election due to a lack of confidence reposed in him from Party Leader Davis. Forbes said it remained uncertain if the party would renominate him for the next general election, as constituents too, pondered his ratification since prospective candidates were seen canvassing his constituency.

“After all the questions in Mangrove Cay last week, when you were giving it your best from meager resources, and all these questions are still abound after all these years, after some discussion and prayers with my family, I said farewell.”

Forbes said he wished that Davis would “simply go on the ground in the community and [say] you support me.”

What Johnson said today

“To martyr an innocent man like this when all you had to do was stand up and say, ‘This my man. This my man.’

“He (Forbes) shouldn’t be going from house to house and finding out that different people calling him. It ain’t right to him and it ain’t right to other people. And South Andros deserves an apology. And I pray that he finds it in his heart to forgive him (Davis).

“All leaders have to be like that. If you don’t want people. And you know you don’t want them, let them know.”

What Davis has said since

Davis told the Nassau Guardian that Forbes’ “nomination was never in doubt,” adding that all incumbents in his party would be renominated if they desired.

“So he is now deciding not to continue of his own,” Davis said.

Davis said  Forbes had his support which should have “convert[ed] to the ground, but then he assessed the ground and that was his finding.”

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