Saturday, September 30, 2023

Road Rage and Car Crash Result in Stabbing Death

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Police are investigating the stabbing death of a man resulting from a traffic accident that occurred at Fifth Street and Palm Tree on Tuesday evening.

Image obtained from a video showing the victim lying on the ground after being stabbed.

What happened

  • A traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Fifth Street and Palm Tree Avenue involving two vehicles.
  • Occupants of the vehicles got into a fight.
  • During the physical altercation, one of the men was stabbed and later died as a result of his injuries.
  • The suspects abandoned their vehicle in the area and fled the scene on foot.
  • Police responded to the incident met a man lying in the street unresponsive. Emergency Medical Services pronounced the man dead.
  • The Coroner visited the scene.

What is not known

  • Police are looking for the occupants of the other vehicle and the suspects responsible for the stabbing death.

What police is saying

Police Spokesperson ASP Peters said, “An accident is simply an accident. There is no need to be involved in physical altercations with anyone. Once you have all your required documents, permission to be on the road, to use the road, those things are (sufficient). Things can be replaced, but not lives and your freedom can be taken from you for decisions that are made without rationale.”

Featured Image: Donovan McIntosh/Tribune

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