Sunday, November 28, 2021

Woman in Need of Blood After Man Beats and Runs Over Her in Horror Attack

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A young woman in her 30’s is in hospital, fighting for her life after a man physically attacked her in the street while she held a baby in her arm, then ran over her with his vehicle

Peatra Curry is in urgent need of blood at Princess Margaret Hospital after the horror attack on Monday afternoon through Key West Street.

A video circulating social media, shows the man, believed to be her boyfriend, hitting the woman to the head as she lays on the ground with her baby in hand.  Residents run to her aid to fend off the man. He then drives off in a silver Note, then returns in the vehicle, running over the victim, before residents were able to retrieve the baby.

She is dragged beneath the vehicle before it crashes into a nearby truck and overturns.

The man is captured by residents and arrested by police.

Social media posters have identified the man as Ray Sands, who has a history of abuse.

Last year, Sands pleaded guilty to stabbing the mother of his child in the neck and back with a pair of scissors. She told police, she was holding their three-week-old baby when Sands slapped and choked her, then locked her in a room.

He was bound over to the peace, ordered to pay $800 in compensation for her injuries.

Anyone who can assist is asked to donate blood at the ICU ward.

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