Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘Someone Last Saw Him’: Mystery Surrounds Missing Man. His Car Was Found in Another Location

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While 34-year-old Murray Walkes remains missing, his rental car was found in bushes near Cowpen Road.

Family members are trying to piece the puzzle as police investigate his disappearance. Authorities alerted the public to Walke’s disappearance and released a missing person bulletin on Tuesday afternoon.

Junior Rolle, a close relative said Walkes was last seen in Kennedy Subdivision on Saturday night but has not been seen since.

Rolle said the rental vehicle Walkes last drove, had no license plate attached to it but his passport was locked inside. His car was discovered near bushes off Cowpen Road, closer to Vinspen Road.


“Anyone who lives in that area or knows people who live in that area, can you assist with information, or if anyone knows of Murray’s whereabouts, please come forward,” Rolle pleaded.

“We need help finding him…Someone last saw him.”

In the images shown, Rolle said Murray’s rental was a red Nissan, Altima.

Walkes is described as dark brown, of slim build, and stands 5’8”.

If you or anyone can assist in solving his disappearance, the family is asking you to call the authorities at 919.

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