Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Owner of New Village Pub Killed. Here’s What Happened

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The owner of New Village Pub was found shot and killed on Tuesday night at his establishment.

The victim, identified as Roberto Williams, is the proprietor of the restaurant and bar located on Balfour Avenue and Miami Street, opposite E.P Roberts Primary School.

New Village Pub owned by Roberto Williams. Photo Credit: FB

What happened?

  • Shortly before 10:00 pm, a dark-colored Nissan approached him as he exited the New Village Pub.
  • A man exited the Nissan vehicle with a firearm and discharged it in Williams’ direction, shooting him about the body.
  • Police met Williams lying on the sidewalk outside of his business.
  • Police believe Williams exited New Village Pub and walked in an easterly direction along Belfour Avenue, before being shot.
  • EMS pronounced Williams dead.
  • An investigation is ongoing.

The owner’s run-in with the law

Williams was arrested in the middle of August for breaking COVID-19 protocols. Police responded to an unauthorized social gathering at the restaurant and sporting lounge.

Williams was arrested and cautioned. Police recovered a black Glock .45mm pistol with 12 unfired rounds of ammunition, after conducting a search of William’s vehicle.

The New Village Pub has made news for continuous violations of the emergency order and became the site for an investigation after a police officer was seen on camera body-slamming a man during an arrest outside the sporting lounge.

An anonymous customer told the Tribune, “I stopped going there (the restaurant) a few weeks ago because I don’t like what I see in the new ownership.

“I am not sure what went down there, but all of a sudden the place was being shot up, corrosive substances were being thrown at it and then, poof, a new owner is involved with a strange crowd. I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but it all seems strange to me.”

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