Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Man “Looking for Poom Poom” Fined $600

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A 37-old man found breaching the emergency orders, told police officers he was looking for “poom-poom”.

Cadwell Taylor was found by police after 10 pm outside the confines of his home on July 20th, without a face mask.

When approached by officers, Taylor said he was “looking for poom-poom,” which is the slang for sex.

After a search, officers found a black-handled cutlass strapped to Taylor’s left leg.

Taylor entered a guilty plea for breaking the curfew, failing to wear a mask, and unlawfully carrying arms.

He admitted to Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes what he told officers, adding that he was heading home at the time officers found him after his girlfriend put him out of her house.

Taylor was fined $600, in which half was paid by his sister-in-law to secure his release.

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