Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sam Bankman-Fried Spent an Insane $100,000 a Week On Meals

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It is no secret, FTX’s former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was a billionaire and he had lots of money to spend and give away.

And Bankman-Fried knew how to eat. The disgraced crypto king spent a whopping $100,000 a week on food.

Reports are that he ordered massive amounts of food in a week from local restaurants in Nassau.  And what he could not eat, he donated or threw away.

Forbes reported Bankman-Fried had a weekly catering schedule where eleven restaurants rotated daily, delivering food every hour.

His $ 100,000-a-week order of food included steaks and seafood platters.

And much of what he did not eat remained in the lobby which he transformed into a makeshift kitchen.

Bankman also frequented Shima, The Island House, where staffers recalled the group of “socially awkward” crypto executives visited for lunch.

“It was like there was a fresh air blowing through here,” one said. “It felt like things were changing for the better…like there was hope.”

Another staff member said, “They were spending other people’s money.”

And when Bankman-Fried felt like eating elsewhere, he frequently visited Cocoplum on West Bay Street, where he dined on French and Mediterranean cuisine served with an island twist, Fox News reported.

Cocoplum Bistro Nassau Restaurant - Nassau, New Providence | OpenTable

Staff members said he stopped by often spending $2,500 a day on meals, and FTX employees also held business meetings at lunchtime, but never returned for happy hour.

“They’re geeks man. They don’t hang out.”

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