Friday, March 24, 2023

Man Denies Knowing Sister as He Faces Charges for Breaching Curfew

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A 24-year old man standing before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes, denied knowing his sister, as he faced charges for violating the emergency curfew order.

Alens Joachim eldest sister told the court her brother suffered from mental illness, but Joachim told Forbes that “someone sent her here to say that.”

Joachim of Windsor Lane was found by police officers while walking in Wulff Road after 11 pm on August 25th.

The sister presented proof of Joachim’s “pink card” from Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC), admitting that her brother stopped taking his medication.

Forbes dismissed the case and released Joachim into the care of his sister, as SRC is not permitting new admissions.

He released Joachim into the custody of his sister and dismissed the case.

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