Saturday, September 30, 2023

Blackout at NEMA Press Conference on Tropical Storm Isaias

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Power outage interrupts the update on Tropical Storm Isaias, that officials warned could reach the Bahamas over the weekend.

With officials gathered at the National Emergency Management Agency Headquarters on Gladstone Road on Thursday evening, screens went black and radios were blanked about twenty minutes into the press conference, .

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was present as he told viewers about the seriousness of the tropical storm, telling them to “prepare for the worst”.

For nearly 10 minutes viewers waited for the address to continue.

The address resumed shortly after.

This blackout comes after Bahamas Power and Light advised the public that Central Westridge and Westridge Drive would experience disruption in electricity supply as a result of routine maintenance exercises on Wednesday.

Customers complained that it continued into Thursday, confirming that Blake Road was affected as well.

BPL did not give an explanation for the blackout in Gladstone Road on Thursday evening.

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