Saturday, June 3, 2023

Davis Says PLP Was Not Consulted on Two-Week Lockdown

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Opposition Leader Philip Davis denied that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis sought advice from the opposition in his decision to implement a two week lockdown for the country.

Davis said although his party met with the government, its views were not considered.

“Yesterday afternoon (Monday), the members of the PLP Task Force attended a short health briefing at the Cabinet Office, with a limited opportunity to ask a few questions about the current state of infections.

“My colleagues were then asked to leave so that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet could decide how to proceed. Our views were not invited.”

On last evening, Dr. Minnis said in his decision to implement the lockdown, he invited members of the opposition to attend the Ministry of Health’s briefing at the Cabinet Office.

However, Davis said at the national address, Dr. Minnis implied that he made a joint decision with the PLP.

“The Prime Minister’s implication in his statement last night that he made a joint decision with the Opposition is not true. We were simply given information a few hours ahead of the general public. That is not consultation and it is not collaboration.”

The prime minister’s decision to lockdown for two weeks comes after the COVID-19 cases spiral upward, placing a strain on bed capacity and health workers at health facilities.

After announcing the lockdown, Dr. Minnis said, “We go into lockdown together, not as political partisans or a people divided.

“We enter this lockdown together as one people, as a Bahamian community united in love and a shared desire to fight this deadly virus together until the battle is over. I know that a lockdown like this is the last thing we wanted as a country.

“I know the nation is hurting; that our economy is in a terrible state; that many businesspeople are struggling; that many workers are now unemployed; that families are scared; that many of us are afraid of catching the virus.”

Dr. Minnis indicated that the lockdown may be extended as it “will be for a minimum of two weeks, and nearing the end of the period, health officials will assess the health data, and advise whether a further lockdown period is necessary.”

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