Friday, March 24, 2023

DNA Chairman to Govt: Do the Right Thing for Doctors and Nurses

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The Democratic National Alliance Chairman Omar Smith call on the government to implement proper COVID-19 protocols and administer sufficient equipment for doctors and nurses, after they walked off the job Tuesday morning.

His party assembled at the Princess Margaret Hospital to join hospital staff.

“This is unacceptable. At the beginning of a two week lockdown, those who at the front tine to protect us from this deadly disease, the government has saw fit to abandon and leave vulnerable. We believe this must be fixed immediately. We call on the competent authority to get the needed equipment to these doctors immediately and institute the proper protocols,” Smith said.

Bahamas Doctor Union President Dr. Melisande Bassett said the walkout is “not a sickout,” saying while helping the Bahamian people, doctors and nurses must do so “safely and sensibly.”

She said staff will not put itself in harm’s way as it waits for the situation to be addressed.

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