Saturday, September 30, 2023

PLP Criticizes New Police Promotions

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Philip Davis said the RBPF is now “top heavy”

Opposition Leader Philip Davis questioned the appointment of 4 new assistant commissioners of police.

On Monday, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle signed a RBPF order stating that Loretta Mackey, Craig Stubbs and Solomon Cash were promoted to the assistant commissioner of police while Kirkwood Andrews was promoted to acting assistant commissioner.

The new assistant commissioner appointments increase the number of ACPs on the force, bringing the total number of assistant commissioners of police to 11.

But Davis said these recent appointments creates a police force that is “top heavy.”

He said, “With the announcement of the four new Assistant Commissioners of Police, there are now eleven assistant commissioners of police, exactly the same number as when the FNM administration came to office.

“No public rationale has been given for the apparent contradiction,” Davis said.

Davis said, “I refer to the reason given by the National Security Minister that the force was top heavy in its management and there were too many Assistant Commissioners of Police.

The opposition leader said his criticism is not levied against the characters of the new appointments, but rather the policy makers.

In 2018, an audit of manpower in the Royal Bahamas Police Force revealed that the institution was “too top-heavy.”

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said at the time that the promotional exercises by the former administration the Progressive Liberal Party placed a burden on the performance of the force.

On Tuesday, Dames defended the promotions of the assistant commissioners of police.

“We have a new commissioner. He would’ve made some representation. It was a very delicate balance. What we’re seeking to do is to support the commissioner,” he said.

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