Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Health Officials Awaiting Mexican Workers PCR Test Results

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Dr. Dahl Regis said her team will determine the quality of the tests taken and “will deal with it” if results are positive

Health Expert and Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Dahl Regis said health officials are still awaiting COVID-19 test results from nearly 90 Mexican workers who arrived in the country on Thursday, for the construction of the Baker’s Bay project in Abaco.

Speaking at the COVID-19 update press conference, Regis said workers were tested, health officials have no idea if their test results were positive or negative.

“We are told that they (Mexicans) have had (the test) and we are awaiting receipt of those tests. And once we receive them we will determine that they were good, valid, positive or negative,” she said.

She said health officials will require that each individual who landed, did so with a negative PCR test.

Dahl-Regis said if the tests do not meet the health qualifications, her team will administer the tests.

“We will do the test to be sure that we have no transmission. And if there is a positive test, we will deal with it,” she assured.

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