Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Why Davis Chooses to Travel for COVID-19 Care

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PLP Leader Philip Davis leaves Doctor’s Hospital, enroute for continued care in the United States as he battles COVID-19.

In a personal statement, Davis said he has chosen to be with his daughter Philippa, “a very senior doctor in the United States.”

He said  Philippa prefers that he is close to her as he completes treatment.

This comes after Davis confirmed on Sunday that he contracted the infectious disease and was experiencing a “slight cough.”

Should the public worry about the health of the Opposition Leader?

Here is why George Smith is no longer RELEVANT and should tell us ...
PLP stalwart councillor and former PLP Cabinet minister George Smith

PLP stalwart councillor and former PLP Cabinet minister George Smith told the Tribune that Davis is in “good form.”

“I spoke with him on two occasions, he’s very communicative and I’m told by a colleague of his in the men’s group he belongs to, that he’s in good form, he wants to recover to get back to the work at hand so he’s taking advantage of the opportunity to mend quicker than what would happen if he stayed here,” Smith said.

“He’s in fine form, he’s a trooper,” Mr Smith added. “I spoke with him and he’s in fine form, two days ago and yesterday. He’s in fine form, sitting up, I don’t think his case is a very advanced case.”

Why did Davis choose medical care in the United States?

Smith said Davis’ care by his daughter in the U.S will give him a better chance to get better in a shorter period of time.

Reports are that Philippa is an anesthesiologist and a critical care doctor in Atlanta, Georgia.

“In the interest of caution, safety, he has an opportunity to heal quicker, so he took the opportunity available,” where he can receive specialized treatment,” Smith said.

Do social media users believe Davis’ diagnosis and reasoning for travel?

Social media are rife with speculation on Davis’ decision to travel to the U.S. Davis said his decision came after consultation with family members. But many see this as his lack of faith in the country’s medical system and hypothesized his condition and well being.

Jack Posner said, “What a vote of no confidence in our medical system here.Our doctors have proven during the pandemic that they can stand toe-to-toe with any health professional in the world.”

And Michelle Jackson asked, “If he has no faith in the doctor’s here and the system how do they expect other Bahamians to have faith in the Doctors?”

Others say Davis’s health situation may be worse than stated.

Anita Donaldson-Wheeler said, “Perhaps he has other medial issues that need attention.”

Deangelo Moultrie said, “Where there is smoke there is fire. Brave situation is more serious than they are telling us. Time will tell.”

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell told Our News that the issue is a private matter, as it is “essentially seen as a family matter.” He said Davis’ family wishes for only certain information to be shared with the public.

“We are respecting that,” Mitchell said.


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