Tuesday, October 3, 2023

GB Native Shot and Killed in Houston Texas

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A young man believed to be a Grand Bahamian native living in Houston, Texas was shot and killed on Friday night after investigating why an object was thrown through his apartment window.

Kani Rahming of Grand Bahama               Picture credit: BP

Police said it was after 10 pm when the man believed to be Kani Rahming was in the apartment complex with his girlfriend and a rock was thrown through the window of their second-floor apartment on 2600 Lazy Hollow Drive.

He ventured outside to assess the situation and was shot in the chest five minutes later.

The woman still inside, heard the shots. An ambulance was called to the scene but Rahming died at the Ben Taub Hospital.

Houston police said they have no suspect in the matter and are still investigating.

Hear the Houston Police report the matter to the press:


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