Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘No National Pride’: Celebrants Leave Trash Behind After 50th Independence Celebrations

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Following the massive 50th Independence celebrations, trash littered the sidewalks and were strewn about the streets.

Images shared by photographer Torell Glinton showed crushed cans, bottles, food and paper plates dumped on Bay Street by celebrants after the Junkanoo rush-out on early Monday morning.

“No national pride,” Que Ly commented.

Though it is not known how many tons were left behind after thousands of celebrants visited the Bay Street area and other places like Clifford Park where the main event was held, the surge in onlookers came at a cost.

Horatio Pratt said, “Partying and chanting but the filth left behind is symbolic of the true collective inner work required before we whine and shout, regardless of a date on the calendar.”

Osano Neely did not hold back. “Fifty years later and we nasty as f***.”

Ariadne Munnings was forgiving and expressed that trash pile is expected after large events. “Normal. After any big event comes the cleanup. The few bins are full long before the parade starts and people just dump their garbage anywhere.”

Shezelle Mather believes the insufficient receptacles contributed to the ground dumping. “We do not have sufficient garbage bins in public places in this country. It is not an excuse to just drop your garbage, but we need a lot more bins. I carry my garbage with me until I can dispose of it properly.”

Some people called for a national pride campaign to educate the public on proper garbage disposal and others call for the implementation of a fine for littering in public places.

It is not known how soon after the events the trash were removed.


Photo credit: Torell Glinton


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