Prince William and Kate Cost Bahamas Over $600,000 for 3 Day Visit

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The royal visit to the Bahamas by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spurred controversy by some members of the public who debated the exorbitant price tag it will place on the tax payer’s purse.

Nearly two months after the March visit, the government released a preliminary financial expenditure statement on the visit. The Nassau Guardian revealed that the Bahamas government spent $636,194 on Prince William and wife Catherine Middleton during their visit to the Bahamas in March.

“The payments were managed by the Office of the Governor-General in consultation with the Secretariat,” the statement says.

It included:

  • $566,828.93 was paid to New Providence businesses and vendors
    • $34,657.30 on accommodations at Atlantis
    • $76,141.96 with Wild Flowers for decor for the royal ball, a school and One Montague
    • $66,440.50 with Movi Company for large jumbo screens and digital and electronic work at a school, the royal ball and regatta, among other expenses.
  • $50,063.92 was paid to Abaco vendors
  • $18,107.15 was paid to Grand Bahama vendors.

The government believed it saved $100,000 with “the assistance of corporate Bahamas [in] assisting with the Royal Black-Tie Ball,” the report says, while boasting of the media attention the country received during the visit.

“It is difficult to quantify the tremendous benefits of the royal visit to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” it states.

“Over 40 international media houses from the UK and international graced our shores and recorded the wonders of The Bahamas, its beauty, charm and warmth of our people.”

Prince William and Kate spent eight days visiting three Caribbean countries to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the British Throne–Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

The Bahamas was their last stop when they left New Providence and flew to Abaco and Grand Bahama.

CSJ Report revealed that the government purchased forty new cars for the visit and rented out five floors of Atlantis for the couple and its entourage.

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