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Everything You Need to Know About the Woman Who Allegedly Killed Herself

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Police reported the death of a 25-year-old woman on Thursday where she was found after 8 pm in a room, at the Landshark  Hotel on West Bay Street.

Police are still investigating her death, though the initial investigation indicated a possible suicide. She was found hanging with a rope around her neck.

Carissa Culmer in happier times.

Who was she?

Though police are still waiting to notify the next of kin before publicly revealing her name, she has been unofficially identified as Carissa Culmer.

Carissa was adopted as a baby from the Ranfurly Home and was reared by Christian adopted parents, the father being a pastor and fisherman, and her mother, an ordained missionary.

The Culmer family has one son and she joined the family as the only girl.

As a baby, she was adopted from the Ranfurly Home.

As she advanced in age, Carissa faced tension with her adopted mother and was eventually taken from the home by Social Services, while maintaining a close relationship with her adopted father.

Carissa is believed to have three biological siblings, with whom she had no relationship.

Carissa Culmer graduated from Nurse’s Edge Training Institute last year.

In a social media post, she lamented, “Lord you heard my cry night after night just feeling so alone in this cold world. Even as a child, I would cry my eyes out to know that I have a mother that I never met and three siblings I never met.

“I felt so lost growing up because I didn’t know anything about my background. It really made it hard to stay focused,” she said.

Despite the hardship, Carissa graduated last year from Nurse’s Edge Training Institute as a patient care technician.

What was Carissa’s history with abuse?

When Carissa was released from the hostel, she was left to fend for herself and wound up in abusive relationships.

“After leaving the institution, things didn’t get any better believe it or not. I stayed with over fourteen or more people. I even found myself homeless from time to time I would stay in the club until 5 am because I had nowhere else to go,” she said.

Carissa Culmer sat in the Senate as senators addressed domestic violence in the country.

Last year November, she pleaded for assistance in a social media post, claiming her boyfriend and father of her baby boy, often abused her and she was in fear for her life.

“I so tired. I so tired. I done lose my mind twice. Yes. Yes, I strong. I’m strong yes, but I tired. I tired. I ain’ saying I’m perfect. I’m not perfect,” she wept.

She was featured as a guest on Beyond the Headlines to tell her story of domestic abuse which led to Social Services offering help.

Carissa was invited to the Senate and sat in the gallery as senators addressed domestic violence in the country. Senate President Lashell Adderley said, “The continuous courage and fortitude demonstrated by vulnerable women like Carissa Culmer, who stand and say a resounding no to traumatic stress and pain of domestic violence, must be stopped by the enforcement of legislation, policies and procedures to eradicate gender-based violence.”

Cause of death

Authorities are still investigating the cause of death. They do not know as yet, whether or not foul play is suspected.

Audley Peters said it appeared she could have been dead for around two hours before she was discovered.

The toddler was discovered in the room where her body was found.

The boyfriend and father of the boy arrived later and was seen holding the son as he spoke with the police.

Where to get help if you face domestic abuse or contemplating suicide

Bahamas Crisis Center: (242) 328-0922

Royal Bahamas Police Force: 911, 919, (242) 322-4444


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