Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Woman Killed in Horrific Car Crash Was a ‘Sweet Soul’

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The tragic death of a woman in a horrific traffic accident on Friday was met with shock.

“Philly was a sweet, beautiful and gorgeous soul,” friend Quekell remembered in a social media post.

Phillipa Deveaux was driving east in a small Japanese vehicle, Daihatsu Mira when she hit a flatbed truck traveling west on Prince Charles Drive, crushing the front end of her vehicle and smashing the windshield. She died on the scene.

One social media post described the devastating scene which occurred after 3 pm on Friday. “I drove past that scene and I cried because when I saw the sheet and the car I said ain’t no way they survived.”

Deveaux managed a bar and lounge on Prince Charles Drive and previously worked as a food and beverage manager at the Cove, Atlantis.

Phillipa Deveaux (on the left in black) is seen with her sisters

“My good former co-worker has gone way too soon. One of the best food and beverage managers I’ve ever met,” friend Robert mourned.

Other friends in grief said she was loved by everyone.

“Philly looked out for anyone she came in contact with. She was such a sweetheart,” Jada Pratt said.

Donna Morris said Phillipa always greeted her with a smile and “a kind word.”

“A real people’s person. This was one sweet soul.”

Friend Patricia McBride is in disbelief since she spoke with Deveaux the morning before her sudden passing. “We spoke this morning not knowing this would have been the last time. You were such a beautiful soul.”

Nathaniel Smith, an adopted son said since her death, he has had sleepless nights.

“I am still waiting for you to come home because this house ain’t a home without you,” he said as he remembered his last conversation with her on Thursday, the day before she died.

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