Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mom Believes ‘There’s More to the Story’ After Son Goes Missing At Sea

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The mother of a young man missing at sea since May 5th while boating with his uncle believes some parts of what may have happened were not told.

Agnes Marshall believes the uncle is not telling the entire story of what happened to her son Ryan Barr.

Marshall said the uncle who remains unnamed, said that Ryan “had fallen out of the boat” and that he “didn’t know where he fell out.”

But she does not believe the uncle’s account of what happened since they were boating in shallow waters.

“I need answers. That was my baby boy, and he didn’t deserve this, ” she said of the 21-year-old described as “responsible”, “caring” and “loving”.

“My son is missing, and the captain of the boat (the uncle) is walking free without giving any account for what has happened.”

Ryan and his uncle left Morgan’s Bluff, Andros at 4:45 pm, then travelled onto Exuma, leaving after 6 pm for Little Whale Cay, Berry Islands.

When the 15-foot boat arrived at Little Whale Cay, only the uncle was reportedly onboard the boat.

A relative who wanted to remain anonymous said, “The captain (uncle) called my brother who works the same place to bring them gas. But the captain was the only one in the boat when he got there.

“There was no sign of Ryan anywhere and his uncle has not called or texted.”

Marshall has accepted that Ryan may have met his demise and wants him questioned by the authorities.

Officer in Charge of CDU Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson said he was made aware of the missing case on Monday.

Ryan is a 2020 graduate of Huntley Christie High School in Andros.



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