‘We need to keep looking’: Daughter’s search for missing US pilot proves fruitless

The daughter of an American pilot is not giving up hope after her father disappeared while flying to North Eleuthera, Bahamas from Florida nearly two weeks ago.

Though the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and US Coast Guards have called off the search, Nabilha Khan has launched a GoFundMe, attempting to raise $100,000 to continue a private search for Pervez Khan, a South Florida resident who took off from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport on August 19, but has not been seen since.

US Coast Guards and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force searched 20 hours of 5,032 square miles to no avail, so the family is seeking to raise funds to find the missing pilot themselves.

As of Wednesday, the GoFundMe stood at $13,000.

“We are out again today searching by plane, boat, and on foot,” Khan said on Tuesday.

The area being searched by family and friends.

Khan believes her father’s aircraft Cessna 402 either crashed or may have ditched the plane.

“I’m not sure which.

“It is crucial that we keep searching,” Khan told Local 10 News.

“We need to keep looking in new areas.”

“My father has flown this flight thousands of times. He’s been flying to the Bahamas for decades.”

Khan was the only person aboard the plane and was last seen 17 miles west off the coast of Eleuthera.

Family said they were finally able to search a previously unsearched area with a helicopter hired from Boca Raton because there were no available helicopters in the country.

The family is asking everyone to be on the lookout for the any sightings or clues of the plane, as they continue their search for Khan.

Missing Man Could Still Be Alive Two Months Since Disappearance

The distraught family of 20-year-old Kyle Carey, who disappeared about two months ago, believes he is still alive.

Mother Tracey Carey told the Tribune, the family is offering a reward of $15,000 for leads to his whereabouts.

“It’s very difficult for everybody. My husband and his siblings are just trying our best to still trust in God that we’re going to find him. We had one or two leads, but nothing came out of it.”

Carey, a King Coral Drive resident in Coral Harbour, went missing on May 11, and has not been seen since, prompting the activation of the Marco Alert System, the national alert for missing individuals in the Bahamas.

“He is the sweetest person you can meet. He is not in his best of mind, so if anyone sees him, please call the police,” Tanesha Mackey, his sister pleaded in her quest to find him when he initally disappeared.

The family is holding out hope after possible sightings by some members of the public.

“Persons calling and saying they believe they saw him this place and the next place and we did follow-ups but nothing came out of it, and at this point, we’re just still trying to look into it.”

“Some persons were apprehended for questioning, but nothing was fruitful or came out of it, but they have been helpful with us so far.”

Carey, described as slim built and light-skinned, frequented the Coral Harbour Park, the Coral Harbour Plaza and a convenience store in the area he lives.

Kaelin, his twin brother said Carey faced difficulties and was a homebody. He made this plea in a social media post: “I know you to be in your head a lot, just come home…whatever you going through remember, we love you brother …You are not alone.”

Tracey said they will continue to post flyers in hopes that he is found soon. “We just got some other posters printed out, so we’re going to go and continue to post them up.”

“All of my family and friends have still been continuing to post on social media for the reward. The reward is out there as well. It’s been put up as well and we’re still continuing to just post stuff up on Facebook and post stuff up with the posters around Nassau and stuff like that.”

If you see or have any information about Carey’s whereabouts, you contact his father at 816-1330 or 822-7821, or their nearest police station.

Social Media Reunites Woman With Lost Dog

Hope Shelly-Ann said it was an agonizing two weeks searching for her beloved pet, Pharoah. So when she was finally reunited with him on Tuesday, it was an emotional meet-up.

“Getting the call yesterday, [I was] feeling a bit apprehensive. But knowing that I had to direct whomever this person was that had found Pharoah, to my home, brought forth many, many emotions.”

Since Pharoah disappeared from home on June 26, Shelly-Ann took to social media every day, reminding users to be on the lookout for her cherished pet.

“We will post about your missing every day until we find you. We are still looking. We have not given up on you,” her social media post read every day until Tuesday when he was found.

Pharoah vanished from his home in Western New Providence, Castor St, off Marlin’s Drive.

Social media users bonded to find the dog, though some were false alarms. But another social media user spotted Pharoah from pictures Shelly-Ann posted and alerted her to a dog seen with recognizable brown spots that resembled the Dutch Shepherd.

When the individual, who remains unknown, brought Pharoah home, the two-year-old dog appeared thin and dehydrated.

“I opened the car door at first Pharoah was apprehensive. Then when his brother from the same litter, Pilot came running, he perked up and he realized he was home.”

Pharoah is on a regimen of vitamins to regain strength and veterinarians have given him a clean bill of health. Shelly-Ann can rest easy and says her family now feels complete.

The Titan Is Running Out of Oxygen. It’s A Race Against Time and Hope Is Running Thin

The missing Titan with five people aboard has mere hours left before oxygen is depleted in a race against time in a multinational search and rescue in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Rescuers are on their fifth day searching for the crew, hoping to find them alive since oxygen levels may be down by Thursday morning, depending on if the 21-foot vessel still has power and if the missing crew’s mental state is calm.

A Canadian search team using sonar buoys, reported hearing undersea noises on Tuesday and Wednesday but still could not locate the vessel. Experts still could not confirm the cause of the sound, but hoping it was the crew from the submersible.

Even if the Titan was located, retrieving it would be a huge logistical challenge.

The submersible left Sunday to visit the Titanic wreckage, but experts still do not know if it reached the site or if it’s still on the surface of the ocean. A rescue on the ocean floor would have to contend with the intense pressures and total darkness at that depth.  It may also be difficult to find the vessel aming the Titanic wreckage. If the submersible had managed to return to the surface, spotting it would be difficult in the open sea and it is bolted shut from the outside, so those inside cannot exit without help.

The latest development

  • The French research ship L’Atalante which carries a robot is one of the vessels sent to help search efforts. The ROV has a capacity to descend to 6,000 metres and it is connected to its parent ship with a cable eight kilometres (4.9 miles) long.
  • The United States Coast Guard expect to increase its surface vessel to 10 from the 5 it initally had, searching for Titan.
  • The Titan is believed to be about 1,450km (900 miles) east and 640km south of Newfoundland.

The big picture

  • The Titan is the size of a minivan and is operated by U.S.-based OceanGate Expeditions.
  • It began its descent at 8 am on Sunday but lost contact with its support ship near the end of what should have been a two-hour dive to the century-old shipwreck.
  • Pakistani and British nationals Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman, British adventurer Hamish Harding, OceanGate’s chief executive and founder Stockton Rush and French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, are on the Titan.

US Missing Diver Is Presumed Dead in Bimini Waters, but His Sister Is Hopeful

The sister of a missing American free diver who went missing in Bimini waters said she will not give up finding her brother, even though the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the US Coast Guard called off the search.

In hopes that he is still alive, in a message to him she said, “Ryan, we will never stop looking for you.”

Ryan Proulx is seen with his family onboard a vessel.

Nicole Proulx said Ryan went missing on Friday around 6 pm, while free diving in Bahamian waters near the Bimini Barge Wreck, approximately 1.5 miles west of Bimini Inlet, wearing a green UV hooded shirt, heather green athletic shorts, red dive fins, redfin keepers and green snorkels.

He was never found, but a blue pole, red fins, and green shorts were discovered in the surrounding waters on Sunday.

After the US Coast Guard and Royal Bahamas Defence Force suspended the search on Sunday, friends launched a GoFundMe, seeking $60,000 to find the 31-year-old former police officer. As of Monday, more than $30,000 was raised.

Ryan Proulx, standing to the left, receives an award when he served in East Hartford Police Department, in Connecticut.

“Any money raised will go towards helping fly the volunteer dive team in this effort to bring Ryan home in an honorable manner that he deserves… If Ryan is found prior to this rescue trip, the money will go directly to his family. Any money left after the team goes over will go to the family also,” friend Shelby Morin said.

She described Ryan as a “friend and just an amazing guy.”

Ryan who is from Connecticut, left Palm Beach County Marina, Florida for Bimini last Thursday with a crew including his wife, after free diving around a sunken boat, when he disappeared.

The U.S. Coast Guard deployed two helicopters and a search plane to assist the Royal Bahamas Defense Force in the search but came up empty. After aircraft crews searched over 673 square miles for Ryan, the Coast Guard suspended the search.

“We offer our deepest condolences to the Proulx family,” Lt. Cmdr. Matt Spado, Coast Guard liaison officer, said in a tweet. “The decision to suspend the active search efforts pending further development is one we never take likely.”

Steve Diffenbacher, a friend said Ryan was a U.S.C.G. licensed boat captain and diver and often ran boats from the Northeast down to South Florida for clients who wanted to transport their boats.

Video Shows Hysteria on Boat After Missing US Teen Jumps Overboard

After the search for missing US teen Cameron Robbins was called off, a video emerged showing hysteria aboard the boat as the 18-year-old high school graduate swims bare-backed and in trunks only, drifting in another direction, away from a buoy that sat next to the boat in the dark ocean in the Bahamas.

In shock, one person aboard the boat shouts, “This kid f****** jumped off!”

Another yelled, “Oh my f****** god. Oh, shut the f*** up. Oh, bye…bye… Oh … s***!”

Others hoping to help him, yelled, “Grab the buoy.. grab the buoy,” which sat next to the boat. But he swims away.

Cameron Robbins, 18, is seeing in the dark waters trying to stay afloat after he jumped off the boat after he acted on a dare- many of the seniors on the excursion boat were shocked. One of the kids yelled out, 'This kid f****** jumped off!'

The teens are shown aboard Black Beard Revenge boat minutes before Cameron Robbins jumped overboard.

Robbins partied with other high school graduates onboard a party boat, Black Beard’s Revenge on Wednesday night during a celebration trip to the Bahamas. Reports are that he jumped overboard near Paradise Island, on a daring challenge.  The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force and US Coast Guard using helicopters and boats failed to find him and he remains missing at sea.

A helicopter is seen searching for Cameron Robbins in the Bahamas on Friday. Photo credit: Keith Gomez

On Friday, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force suspended the search and rescue efforts and no longer required further assistance from the US Coast Guard.

With profound sadness, the family released a statement: “The Bahamas government has called off the rescue for Cameron and we are returning to Baton Rouge. We want to thank the Bahamas government, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and Congressman Garrett Graves for everything they have done for us. In this time of grief, we thank our family, friends, and well-wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss.”

Robbins who was a baseball player and graduated three days before the trip, vacationed with 10-15 students from University Laboratory School and several students from high schools in the area of Louisiana. The trip was not sanctioned by his school.

“He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” said the school’s Director Kevin George after Robbins went missing.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for the family and have since raised over $12,000 as financial support for the family.

His family has since returned to the US.

Watch the video: New video shows panic aboard a boat in the Bahamas moments after Louisiana star baseball player, 18, jumped off on a dare, as Coast Guard calls off search



What We Know So Far About the Missing US Teen on Bahamas Graduation Trip

A recent high school graduate who took a celebration trip to the Bahamas with friends is missing after he went overboard on Wednesday night.

Cameron Robins, 18, was on a vessel near Athol Island, an uninhabited island near Paradise Island,  when he “reportedly jumped overboard” around 9:40 pm.

What is the status of the investigation?

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force is leading the search to find Robbins who reportedly lept in the water on a dare, according to reports. A video in circulation reportedly shows the teen swimming in the dark waters alongside the boat, but he mysteriously disappeared underwater.

US Coast Guards in a Twitter post said it is assisting the RBDF and the Royal Bahamas Police Force in finding the US citizen.

The coast guards are providing air assistance in the desperate search and rescue mission.

As of Thursday night, he was still not found as friends led a vigil at the school he recently graduated from, University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

Friends said a US senator is arranging for more helicopters to join the search.

Who is Cameron Robbins?

Robbins is described as a baseball athlete and a “special kid”  who started his education at the school when he was 5 years old.

“Just one of those kids that you’re so proud of once they cross the stage,” said the Director of the Laboratory School Kevin George, who watched Robbins walk across the stage on Sunday.

“He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair.”

The school’s baseball coach Justin Morgan said Robbins was loved by everyone.

“He was a fierce competitor on the baseball field. He is a hard worker both on and off of the field.”

In a statement to Insider, George said the school is praying for the best possible outcome.

“I have been in touch with Cameron’s family and at this time, authorities are still searching for him in the Bahamas,” George said. “Our thoughts are with the Robbins family, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts as well.”

The trip was not sanctioned by the school. But 10-15 students from the Laboratory School and several from high schools in the Baton Rouge area accompanied Robbins on the trip. The group stayed at Atlantis Resort.

Robbin’s parents arrived in the Bahamas on Thursday afternoon.

Mom Believes ‘There’s More to the Story’ After Son Goes Missing At Sea

The mother of a young man missing at sea since May 5th while boating with his uncle believes some parts of what may have happened were not told.

Agnes Marshall believes the uncle is not telling the entire story of what happened to her son Ryan Barr.

Marshall said the uncle who remains unnamed, said that Ryan “had fallen out of the boat” and that he “didn’t know where he fell out.”

But she does not believe the uncle’s account of what happened since they were boating in shallow waters.

“I need answers. That was my baby boy, and he didn’t deserve this, ” she said of the 21-year-old described as “responsible”, “caring” and “loving”.

“My son is missing, and the captain of the boat (the uncle) is walking free without giving any account for what has happened.”

Ryan and his uncle left Morgan’s Bluff, Andros at 4:45 pm, then travelled onto Exuma, leaving after 6 pm for Little Whale Cay, Berry Islands.

When the 15-foot boat arrived at Little Whale Cay, only the uncle was reportedly onboard the boat.

A relative who wanted to remain anonymous said, “The captain (uncle) called my brother who works the same place to bring them gas. But the captain was the only one in the boat when he got there.

“There was no sign of Ryan anywhere and his uncle has not called or texted.”

Marshall has accepted that Ryan may have met his demise and wants him questioned by the authorities.

Officer in Charge of CDU Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson said he was made aware of the missing case on Monday.

Ryan is a 2020 graduate of Huntley Christie High School in Andros.



Sister Pleads for Safe Return of Missing Man

The family of 20-year-old Kyle Carey is worried sick.

Carey, a resident of King Coral Drive went missing last week Thursday and has not been seen since.

“He is the sweetest person you can meet. He is not in his best of mind, so if anyone see him, please call the police,” Tanesha Mackey, his sister pleaded.

The family said Carey, described as slim built and light skinned, frequented the Coral Harbour Park, the Coral Harbour Plaza and a convenience store in the area he lives.

“He is my baby brother and the feeling of not knowing is unbearable. I just need him home safe,” the distraught sister said.

Kaelin, an older brother said Carey faced difficulties, and was a homebody. He made this plea: “I know you be in your head alot, just come home…whatever you going through remember, we love you brother …You are not alone.”

He continued, “I know [I’m] to work and you be by yourself, but don’t let the enemy take you from us brother…Come back. I know [you’re] alright.”

A friend of Carey said he often travelled without a mobile phone and is not sociable. “He is a loner and does not have any friends or girlfriends.”

If you have any information of Carey’s whereabouts, the family is asking you to call the police.

Family of Missing Men Are Still Holding Out Hope After Search Efforts End

After rescue crews ended their search for two missing men from Bimini, family members are holding out hope they would be found alive and have offered a reward as they piece together the circumstances surrounding the men’s disappearance nearly two weeks ago.

The whereabouts of James Toote, 31, and Nazar Robins, 23, from Bimini, Bahamas are still a mystery after frantic searches led to a dead end. Toote, a fisherman routinely travels to Grand Bahama and took Robins with him expecting to return the next day in a vessel that he purchased.

Toote reportedly purchased this boat.

Family members of the men only grew concerned when they did not arrive in Bimini, and alerted officials about the missing case.

Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force became involved, conducting searches, but to no avail.

“Basically, we searched and searched and searched all week, last week with planes, boats and helicopters. Basically, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was the lead in the case, and yesterday (Sunday) we searched again and that was our last day. We gave it all just about a full week, two planes, three planes in the air at all times,” Eddie Whan, BASRA Chairman told the Tribune.

“We have done everything that we can possibly humanly do up until [Sunday].

“We have had negative results in all of the searches.”

Relatives have since offered a reward for information leading to the whereabouts of the men, asking for members of the public to help identify the previous operators of the boat before it was purchased.

“We need to backtrack and identify the last person to see them or hear their voices.

“If you know something, please say something. Our families are hurting,” Robin’s sister pleaded.

The men’s cell phones were reportedly last used in the West End area, and their vessel reportedly departed from Port Lucaya in Grand Bahama.

Robin’s mother, Renee Smith also pleaded for help locating the men, “Please! We need closure.

“I believe I will see Nazr again. Hoping and praying still,” she said.

Whitney Brice, the niece of Toote said while she awaits their return, the pain of not knowing is overwhelming.

“From Sunday to now, no word at all. Lord knows this is hurtful. Yes, I trust you Lord but the process is rough.”

Early in the investigation, rumours circulated that the men were arrested in Florida, but the families quickly shot down the speculations.

“The rumours may not be true but someone knows what happened and we will wait for that story,” Robin’s sister said.