Will Kirk Cornish Be Arrested and Charged With Sexual Assault?

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It’s a wait-and-see situation on whether or not North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish will face charges for the alleged rape and physical assault of a woman.

He “turned himself in” to authorities on Thursday in Grand Bahama where the sexual assault allegations were formally made against him by a former girlfriend, nearly three weeks ago.

Will Kirk Cornish be arrested?

Kirk Cornish was released after questioning which means he was not held overnight in police custody.

Police can arrest him if they have a case against him, placing him before the courts to be charged.

Many people in the public doubt his arrest in this matter since he is considered a high profile individual. The case is unprecedented in nature and rarely do Bahamians see the arrest and charge of parliamentary members, unless it is politically motivated.

Why is this case complicated?

As of now, we do not know if the police intend to arrest Kirk Cornish in a matter that could include conflicting reports from two individuals who were in an intimate relationship, where there may have been no other witnesses.

If he is not arrested, some in the public will conclude that partiality was shown to him when compared to the average Bahamian who may have the same allegations leveled against them. And if he is charged, many in the public will call for his resignation, though he is not legally required to do so. This puts the governing party of which he is a part of, in a prickly position.


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