Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Robinson Alerts Public to 7-Day Full Lockdown

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Bain and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson forewarned that a 7-day lockdown is likely after passage of the impending storm on the weekend.

In a Facebook post, that is now deleted, Robinson encouraged residents to prepare with grocery items and medical supplies.

“Get the much needed groceries and medical supplies as necessary. A pending storm is headed for the Bahamas and is expected to make landfall by Sunday or Monday. It is my expectation that after the storm passes depending on its impact,  new 7 day complete lockdown will be imposed.”

This alert by Robinson comes after Prime Minister Hubert Minnis reversed the 7-day full lockdown after he imposed the new order “with immediate effect.”

The next day, Minnis reopened grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies after many complaints that he did not grant sufficient time to prepare for the full lockdown.

Dr. Minnis acknowledged that he received complaints from the public about the immediacy of the lockdown and lifted it so that residents can prepare for a weather system that expected to reach the Bahamas by Sunday.

Robinson continued, “We are still at war with COVID-19, so we must remain cautious and follow the medical health protocols. We are in this fight together.”

It remains to be seen if or when Dr. Minnis will  implement a full lockdown.

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