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‘Humble’ Groom-To-Be Planned to Wed Two Weeks Before His Killing

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Days before police found his body in a parked vehicle riddled with bullets alongside his brother, Shakuar Oliver was finalizing wedding plans and expecting to marry his daughter’s mother.

Twenty-two-year-old Shakuar was planning a weekday wedding, set for May 11 when he would walk down the aisle and pledge his eternal love to his fiancé.

May 11 was special to him because it was his older brother Tyrone’s birthday.

Tyrone was to be the best man.

The Oliver family had lots to celebrate. Besides the wedding, Shakuar was also expecting another child with his soon-to-be bride.

Instead of a wedding celebration and the joyous birth of a newborn, the family is planning a funeral for the brothers.

The Oliver brothers were killed early Saturday morning while parked in the vicinity of Solomon’s Super Center. After a Japanese car sped off from the scene and evaded capture, police soon discovered the bodies of the brothers in their vehicle.

Tyrone and Shakaur Oliver were killed early Saturday morning

Mother Eunice remembered Shakuar, the father of a two-year-old girl, as “quiet, adorable, and family-oriented.”

“His expecting wife, he loved her and his daughter.”

Father Tyrone Snr warned Shakuar to stay away from Tyrone Jr who had begun to spend time with people who ran afoul of the law.

“When I saw my son (Shakuar) for the last time, and the first time he came to the job to work with me, I told him ‘Don’t go nowhere with your brother because he’s not good for you at this time,’ and he drive right off that job Friday gone and Saturday morning, he gone out with that man and now he’s a dead man because he didn’t heed to the warning.”

When Tyrone Snr got the tragic news, he was heartbroken. “I said ‘wow’. I told him not to be with this boy for this time because he’s not a good fit for you because, in the spirit, I already know what God was showing me.

“God was preparing me for this.”

Eunice said Shakuar enjoyed making music.

“He was a record producer. He was cutting records but never hit it out there (never sold and released music). But he had some positive things and was sending positive messages in many of his songs.”

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