Saturday, September 30, 2023

Canadians Blast Justin Trudeau’s Trip to The Bahamas

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was chastised over his visit to the Bahamas to attend the 44th CARICOM meeting where he was a guest speaker on the deepening crisis in Haiti.

Many Canadians, critical of his leadership, took to social media to express their fury.

“The worst prime minister in the history of Canada,” a user posted on Trudeau’s social media page.

Steve Lavell said, “How about clean up the mess you created here in Canada? Canadians are fed up with you.”

Trudeau won a third term in Canada’s snap election, in 2021, but fell short of regaining the majority in the House of Assembly. Most of his support came from smaller parties.

He and his minority Liberal government then brokered a deal with the left-leaning New Democrats to keep his government in power until 2025.

Canada, not a member of the Caribbean, like the United States, is a regional leader and was prompted by the United Nations, to help ease tensions in Haiti. His attendance at CARICOM suggests his country’s partnership to solve the political, security and humanitarian crisis in the beleaguered country, where extreme violence has further destabilized its society since the assassination of Jovenel Moise in 2021.

A sarcastic Carm Baglieri said, “Enjoy your vacation (in the Bahamas) on our dime. So glad you deserve it, working so hard for us.”

“How much is this one going to cost us?” another asked.

Rob Schultz added, “Resign. Do Canada proud, stay there.”


During his visit at the Caribbean community summit, Trudeau made an additional $12.3 million donation for humanitarian help in Haiti and $10 million dollars to assist the International Office on Migration to protect Haitian women and children along the Dominican borders.

Many Canadians are critical of the move.

“The only reason you were invited is that they know you are going to give them hard-earned Canadian taxpayers’ money.”

Sarah Philips said, “Trudeau wants to waste our money on Haiti. Perhaps he should go there in person and roll up his sleeves and do some actual work on the ground.”

“He runs away from responsibilities in Canada, for praise, while our country falls apart. He is shallow and is afraid to work, and is not smart enough to run a country. He throws our money at other countries so he can have his ego stroked,” Marie Anne said.

Some Canadians determined that Trudeau could have conducted his meeting with CARICOM over a video conferencing application.

“Whatever happened to Zoom meetings?” a social media user asked on Twitter.

Another demanded, “Quit traveling and stay home. Use Zoom.”

Murray Jones said, “There’s a thing called Zoom and it’s less expensive.”


Trudeau returned to Canada late Thursday.

Photo credit: CTV News

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