Wednesday, June 7, 2023

South Beach Clinic Ready for COVID-19 Patients

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Health Minister says the clinic will evaluate suspected coronavirus cases

As the country faces a surge in COVID=19 cases, the Ministry of Health said the South Beach Health Center is now in operation and can accommodate positive COVID=19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms.

Minister of Health Duane Sands said the South Beach Health Centre has been identified as the site for a dedicated COVID-19 Urgent Care and Referral Centre. And plans are underway for the health centre to operate 24 hours each day as necessary, he said.

Sands said the purpose of the centre is to assess persons suspected of being COVID-19 positive who have been referred by the COVID-19 Triage Support Unit, the COVID-19 help line, a medical team, or those who are self-referred.

Sands said the function of the South Beach Health Centre is to collect samples from patients who are suspected to be COVID-19 positive who are clinically stable, and to treat them, and to accept overflow patients of laboratory-confirmed or suspected COVID-19 positive patients from other facilities who can be appropriately managed at the centre.

This facility will only accommodate patients transferred directly from the Princess Margaret Hospital, at the time.

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