Monday, February 6, 2023

PLP Takes Credit for Fishing Hole Road, GB

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The opposition party says it planned the new road when Philip Davis was Minister of Works

As government finalizes the 9.2 million Fishing Hole Elevated Causeway, in Grand Bahama, the Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis visited the project to examine the road that he said his party executed in December 2015, when he was minister of works.

The FNM government is reported to have finalized the project but the PLP says the completion is “late as the government dragged its feet on this important project over the last three years.”

However, PLP Senator Michael Darville said, “it is better late than never for the people of Grand Bahama.”

“Every significant project this FNM government seeks to take credit for or hang its proverbial hat on is a PLP project.”

Darville said his party is still “happy for the people of Grand Bahama.”

In his opening of the new causeway, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said the “modern designed, resilient, concrete Trestle Bridge, spanning 900 ft across the Hawksbill Creek with a life span of 50 years,” sits “12 feet above the mean sea level, and able to withstand hurricanes up to category 5 intensity.”

He thanked the public and successive governments.

For years the causeway has been plagued with devastating storm surges which resulted in large sections of the road being washed away, making daily commuting a challenge for motorists.

The road is expected to connect the eastern end of the island to the west.

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