Thursday, February 9, 2023

Eleuthera COVID-19 Cases are Climbing. What’s Going on?

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COVID-19 cases are rising all over Eleuthera and health officials are worried. The island has a reported 116 cases, of which 5 were confirmed on Thursday.

Why it matters?

The island was one of few islands with a small number of cases but infections jumped in recent weeks in North, South, and Central Eleuthera.

What’s happening

  • Almost 80% of cases were among those 50-years-old and younger. The greatest proportion is among individuals of 20-39 years.
  • South Eleuthera has the greatest proportion of cases–37. 8%
  • North Eleuthera is a close second with 29.7%.
  • Central Eleuthera has 24.3 percent of the cases.
  • Local bars are popular hangout spots and a number of cases are linked to island bars.
  • The current increases were also linked to a funeral, which occurred two weeks ago, some of which were attended by individuals from Freeport, Grand Bahama.
  • Health officials observed that there is minimal to no adherence to public health measures, even though are aware of the protocols.
  • Housing arrangements challenge the appropriate isolation and quarantine measures.


  • Implement increased restrictions
  • The stronger presence of COVID-19 ambassadors for compliance
  • Close bars

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