Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘He Had a Sweet Soul’: Gunshot Victim Identified as Garvin Hanna, 19

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The man killed in South Beach on Sunday is Garvin Hanna, believed to be 19 years old.

Hanna was described by friends on social media as “a sweet soul.”

Clad in a white shirt and black sweatpants, his body was found face down around 9 pm with gunshot wounds in a vacant area near the beach.

Police initially faced difficulty identifying him and pleaded with the family to assist them. Since the public plea, social media users posted his image and name.


Wilda Barochin said, “My tire went down and he stopped what he was doing to change it for me. Then he was like a son—sweetest soul ever.”

Friend Unique Neely added, “[He] never bothered [any] one. Justice for Garvin.”

And his cousin Addie Finlay reminisced on the days as children. “Rest easy lil cousin. We will miss you. Will never forget our days when you and sister use to be fighting to sit in the front seat of my car to touch my music.”

Garvin was one of two gun violence victims on Sunday. The other homicide occurred two hours later in the western area of New Providence.

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