Monday, May 23, 2022

3 People Died in Boat Crash. Here’s What Happened

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Three young people were confirmed dead after a boat collision in Harbour Island on Sunday night.

The bodies of Jay Roberts, Leanna Cartwright and Candace McDonald were recovered after a boat they were in, was hit by another vessel traveling in waters between Harbour Island and Man Island.

What happened

  • The accident occurred after 9 pm Sunday, involving two boats and 11 people.
  • Captain of a 28 ft vessel was en route to Man Island, near Eleuthera, when he felt and heard a loud noise but assumed he hit a rock.
  • The captain later discovered he collided with a 17 ft Boston Whaler, ejecting passengers from the hit vessel which consisted of 8 people.
  • Police investigated the scene and discovered 2 women dead, and 1 man missing; Two other women were airlifted to Nassau for medical treatment, 3 people were treated at Harbour Island Clinic and discharged, according to Eleuthera News.
  • The missing man was found on Monday morning and pronounced dead.
  • The captain and 2 passengers of the Bertram are all accounted for.
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