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Donna Vasyli: What You Need to Know About the Retrial in Murder of Australian Tycoon Husband

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The trial of Donna Vasyli is back on as prosecutors believe she has a case to answer. They believe she is responsible for the death of her husband Dr Philip Vasyli, who was found dead on March 24, 2015 in the kitchen of their home in Old Fort Bay.

Though a date has not yet been set, nine jurors have been selected and she will stand before Justice Bernard Turner.

Who was Philip Vasyli?

Philip Vasyli, 59, was a well-known Australian podiatrist who was the founder of Vasyli International, later changed to Vionic Group. He invented a line of orthotics known as Orthaheel in 1991 and was from the city of Sydney. He owned two homes in Old Fort Bay, Nassau Bahamas and established a medical office in Old Fort Bay Towne Centre.

Philip established three sports podiatry clinics in Sydney and was known to friends as a ‘born healer’.

Friends said he had a passion for making orthotic treatment more affordable and accessible to people in need of pain relief.

The orthotic technology is used in shoes and inserts sold in 25 countries including the USA and the UK.

What happened in 2015

The doctor was found stabbed to death in his Old Fort Bay home. Philip was found lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the guesthouse kitchen. A single stab wound was found in the chest, estimated to be 14 centimeters deep.

The pathologist said the knife cut his sub-clavian artery. It was likely he was stabbed while sitting on the patio, and then he stumbled into the kitchen where he died. A worker found him seven hours later.

What happened at Donna Vasyli’s Defense Trial

Donna, married to Philip for 34 years, was charged with his murder but her defense team never admitted guilt only claiming that the marriage was in ruins caused by domestic abuse and Phil’s alcohol and cocaine abuse.

Donna was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

However, her sentence was quashed in 2017 by justices in the Appeals Court. She was released and ordered a new trial.

Vasyli then went to the highest court, the Privy Council to appeal the justices’ decision.

Her first retrial order was quashed and was ordered a new appeal. She was eventually granted a new trial. The final decision was made and she was ordered to stand trial for her husband’s death.

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