Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Davis Disappoints With $6.50 an Hour Minimum Wage Offer in Cost of Living Crisis

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The minimum wage increase was a long-awaited promise of the New Day government and when Prime Minister Philip Davis announced its final decision on Tuesday in a national address, the public took to social media to express disappointment in the scant increase.

The country’s minimum wage is expected to increase to $260 from the $210, which was in place since 2015. It is a raise of $6.50 an hour, the lowest renumeration that employers can legally pay their workers.

Davis announced that it will be retroactive going back to July and will begin in January 2023.

With the exponential increases in goods and services, many believe the increase by $50 will have little to no effect on boosting incomes and improving the welfare of workers at the low end of the ladder.

Beverly Sands said, “If he thinks $260 a week can sustain a family with the prices then let him put himself and the other MPs on that weekly salary. See if they can survive for a year or two.”

LaDawn Russel asked, “He ain’t shame?” While Natalie Duncombe joined in the chorus, “Is this a joke?”

Levelle Ferguson called it “chump change when the cost of living is higher than a week’s salary.”


Many people believe the minimum wage should have increased to at least $300.

 “He got to be living in a dream if he thinks $260 weekly is substantial. After tax and NIB, you’ll be living off the same old minimum wage of $210. He might as well raise it to $300,” Stephona Forbes said.

Sharee Neymour suggested $400 as the new minimum wage. “If the government is serious about affecting change, they could come up with more than that [260].”


Some people, however, believe Davis’ announcement should be celebrated.

Nicole Brown said she is “proud” of Davis. “Good job,” she said.

And Dave Beckford, Vice President of the Bahamas General Workers Union said, “Congratulations.  A little closer to liveable wages.  This for the workers. A little increase is better than no increase.”

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