Monday, February 6, 2023

Fernander Questions Rolle’s Motive Before Exit: ‘Why Now?’

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Newly appointed Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander openly questioned Former Commissioner Paul Rolle’s motive to express his displeasure with the Minnis administration’s decision to place senior officers on leave.

“Why wait until now to highlight that to the members of the public? Fernander who was one of the senior officers sidelined, asked as he appeared as a guest on Global Paradigm Shift with Michelle Malcolm.

Before his retirement, Rolle made headlines last week when he revealed that the Minnis administration pressured him to sideline senior police officers known as ‘PLP operatives’ in 2019 and assign them to various ministries.

Malcolm suggested that perhaps Rolle, who handed the reins of power to Fernander on Tuesday, thought that it was safer to reveal it before his exit

“I guess he figure, he going now, they can’t do him nothing,” Malcolm said.

Fernander retorted, “But why wait now? Why now?”

Malcolm then suggested that Rolle could have “shame them (Minnis administration) then and come out then and say it.” To which Fernander responded, “Exactly.”

Rolle shockingly revealed that the political pressure nearly caused him to resign as Commissioner of Police.

“I think the relationship was getting a little tense because of my stance,” he told a daily.

“I refused to do it. I said, ‘You give me something in writing and I will carry out your instructions. Without that, I’m not going to do it.’”

The senior officers were eventually returned to their posts when the Progressive Liberal Party won the General Election in 2021, one of whom, Leamond Deleveaux was promoted to Deputy Commissioner on Wednesday.

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