‘Sweet Emily’ Turns Angry as Soca Artist Sings Her Song Without Permission

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Popular Bahamian singer Emily Williams also known as ‘Sweet Emily’ is furious and has taken to social media demanding to know why another Bahamian artist was selected to sing her song without her consent.

Williams said the Bahamian soca artist was selected to headline a cultural event but will be singing one of her songs while she remains at home without work.

“How can a soca artist headline a cultural show and is paid to sing my song while I am home unemployed?” Williams asked.

“Fix it,” she demanded.

The Junkanoo Queen known for hits like ‘Bring Back the Good ‘Ole Days,’ ‘Send Him Home’ and ‘Look Wha’ Ya Do,’  said despite her many successes in the Bahamian music industry, she is unemployed while another artist was selected to sing her song.

“Make it make sense. I can’t keep quiet on this,” she said.

Williams said she demands respect because she “deserves it.”

“Someone from the Ministry of Tourism needs to let these artists give them a list of songs before hiring them. If they are being hired to headline cultural shows, they should prove they are qualified by having proper cultural songs of their own.

“We are competing for the same jobs. So if you want to take a job to headline a cultural show, then you shouldn’t have to use another artist’s song who you are in competition with,” she said.

Social media users have pressured her to file a lawsuit, but Williams said she is only willing to forgive this time, but the next time it happens, she will do something about it.

“This post is just a warning this time. But sing my song without my permission on your big stage. I will not let it slide next time,” she warned.

Williams did not name the Bahamian soca artist who was hired to sing her song but only said, “Artists need to respect others. If you want to headline a cultural Bahamian show, carry your hip in the studio and produce Bahamian songs instead of soca…I am tired of the foolishness I see going on in this industry.”



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