Gabby’s Murder Case: Fugitive Boyfriend Could Lead US Authorities to the Bahamas

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Twenty-three-year-old Brian Laundrie, the fiance of Gabby Petito and the man alleged to have killed her, could be in the Bahamas.

Popular Criminal Investigator and Television Personality John Walsh joined police in the manhunt for Laundrie and said he got a tip that Laundrie was possibly sighted in Freeport, the second city.

“A lady there believes she spotted him…She said there is never a white guy…looks exactly like this guy walking in [her] neigbourhood.

“She said, ‘I swear I saw him.'”

Laundrie has become a fugitive, since returning to his home in Sarasota Florida, from a camping trip in Wyoming without Gabby. The 22-year-old’s body was later found by police at the camping site, which the authorities have ruled a homicide case.

Laundrie then disappeared days later and his parents reported him missing to the police.

Walsh told News Nation in an interview that it is possible that the sighting could be Laundrie, based on Florida’s proximity to the Bahamas.

“You can take a ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas and all you have to do is have a vaccine proof that you don’t have COVID, show your passport then you get on boats,” Walsh said.

Laundrie’s parents have given police tips on his possible whereabouts and police have scoured a preserve area near his home, but to no avail.

Many people are skeptical of Laundrie’s parents’ true intent to find him. The parents have not spoken to the media nor Gabby’s parents since she went missing.

Gabby and Laundrie were YouTubers who chronicled their cross-country trips on social media.

Since her disappearance, social media users have been drawn to the story and internet sleuths have helped police in the investigation.

Gabby’s funeral was held on Sunday.

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