Saturday, November 26, 2022

Brian Laundrie Doppelganger in the Bahamas?

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A man who bears a striking resemblance to Brian Laundrie wants to make it clear that he is not the Florida fugitive.

Following a report by CSJ Report, many people in Freeport have been on the lookout for Laundrie.

The doppelganger who wanted to remain anonymous told CSJ Report, “… all the sightings have been of people driving past in the street. And at least once, that person was me. I could easily be mistaken in those circumstances, especially wearing my hat and sunglasses.”

The search for Laundrie has become a widespread hunt since John Walsh, a popular criminal investigator and host of In Pursuit, said it is possible Laundrie could be in the Bahamas, considering Freeport is less than 70 miles from Florida’s coast, and a few tips of possible sightings.

Laundrie returned from a cross-country camping trip without his fiance Gabby Petito on September 14 and disappeared days later. His parents reported him “missing” a few days after they last saw him.

Gabby’s body was later found on campgrounds in Wyoming.

The man said, he has been stopped and questioned by the Grand Bahama police on one occasion.

“Up close I’m obviously not him, but I can see how there could be confusion. I’m worried the police may be wasting resources searching Freeport, and meanwhile, the guy has moved elsewhere.”

The man said he does not believe Laundrie is walking the streets of Freeport.

“That’s an easy way to get caught as neither Bahamians nor Americans walk anywhere, so it’s bound to draw attention.

“If he has any sense he’s probably paid a fishing boat to take him to Cuba by now.”

Reports reached CSJ Report that a man resembling Laundrie was seen near the area of Sunland School and on another occasion near St George’s School, walking with only a backpack.

The man appeared “confused,” according to eyewitnesses. A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said, “It looked just like him.”

The unusual sighting of a caucasian man in various areas on Freeport has raised the alarm.

FBI agents have scoured a preserve area near Laundrie’s home  in Florida and have now extended the search to remote Florida islands and cays.

The reward leading to the capture and arrest of Laundrie now stands at $180,000.


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