Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Foulkes Stands with Young Mermaid

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The Golden Gates MP criticized scoffers of Antonia Ferguson

MP for Golden Gates Michael Foulkes is condemning critics of Antonia Ferguson, the valedictorian of Nassau Christian Academy who expressed an interest in becoming a mermaid, indicative of her passion for marine biology.

During his contribution in the House of Assembly, Foulkes condemned individuals who scoffed at Antonia.

“Who are we? Who are we? We go on Facebook and we make fun of people like Antonia Ferguson. And that is wrong. That is wrong,” he said.

Antonia faced ridicule on social media for her choice of academic pursuit, which prompted her parents to contact Foulkes, their representative for Golden Gates.

“She was made fun of in the worst way possible.

“Her mother and her father were so hurt, that they contacted me about it as their member of parliament,” Foulkes said.

“What they (critics) did not appreciate was, that statement spoke to her excitement and enthusiasm for marine biology and that is what we want for all of our youngsters, especially those excelling,” Foulkes said.

“This is a young lady who has done extremely well. She is looking forward to a bright future. She is looking forward to making a contribution to her country where it is most needed,” Foulkes added

Antonia has since garnered the support of local mermaids and marine biologists who gifted her with a mermaid tail.

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