Saturday, September 30, 2023

Roberts and Bain Face Off in Viral Social Media Row after Resignation

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Leader of the Coalition of Independence Lincoln Bain and candidate Wellington Roberts were fighting the same ‘enemy,’ the two major political parties. But on Thursday evening that all changed when Roberts joined the official opposition, the Progressive Liberal Party, two weeks before voters go to the poll.

Following Wellington’s resignation from the COI, Bain took to social media at 8:30 Thursday night, expressing surprise at Robert’s move, after he was seen campaigning with PLP Leader Philip Davis.

“Just up to a few days ago, you were saying that we cannot let ‘Brave’ Davis get control of this country,” Bain said to Roberts in a live video post that saw more than 2500 views.

“Publicly for the last several months, you were standing up against the FNM and the PLP, and you were terrified of a country under ‘Brave’ Davis.”

Bain suggested that Roberts was weak for allowing the PLP to “buy him out.” Bain said he anticipates his party will win the government and Roberts will not “cross over to the new Bahamas.”

At 9:30, Roberts went live with nearly 4000 views and hit back at Bain, lamenting the financial burden he endured during his campaign in North Andros and the Berry Island, with no assistance from the COI.

“Ain’t no one can buy me out…I asked, I begged [and] I put out sponsorship letters. That didn’t work.”

“It took me money to travel to Andros, covid test, travel visa, ticket, SD (vehicle), hotel room and $400 (for nomination).

“I’m not going to lie to myself anymore.”

Roberts who was still in Andros during the live stream said it cost $900 to make the trip. He also lamented his struggle to find signatures for his nominations.

Roberts said he then knew he did not have the political support on the islands.

He then hit out at Bain for once leaving two political groups, the Free National Movement and the Democratic National Alliance.

Roberts, a strong critic of Davis, said before resigning from the COI, he held a discussion with the opposition leader.

“Davis is a nice guy. He didn’t offer me anything.”

Roberts will support the PLP candidate for Andros and the Berry Island, Leonardo Lightborne.

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