Two Divers Die During Fishing Trip in Suspected Case of ‘the Bends’

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Two men died after getting into difficulty during a fishing expedition off Montague Beach.

Police spokesperson Audley Peters said the deaths appeared to have been a result of “the bends” which is a decompression sickness that occurs when divers ascend into the water too quickly. Nitrogen gas bubbles form in the tissues or blood causing dizziness, fatigue, or even death.

What happened?

  • The three men went on a fishing trip after 9 am on Saturday.
  • After their second drop, one of the men came on board the boat from the waters and collapsed, apparently from ‘the bends.’
  • The captain rendered assistance to him and was soon assisted by the other diver, who too appeared to have suffered from ‘the bends.’
  • The captain then brought both bodies to shore.
  • Police are continuing their investigations.
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