Rolle Passes Baton to Greenslade in Garden Hills’ Race

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Member of Parliament for Garden Hills Brensil Rolle officially announced his retirement in the House of Assembly yesterday, saying he will not offer himself in the next General Election.

Why it matters

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is speculated to call an early general election and has since ratified another candidate for Garden Hills, Stephen Greenslade.

The big picture

Rolle is considered a veteran politician, having served as the area representative in 2007 in the Ingraham administration.

In 2017, Rolle won the Garden Hills consitutency in the 2017 General Election with 2,392 votes, beating PLP MP Kendal Major, who received 1,613 votes.

What he says

Rolle expressed his support for Greenslade as his successor and offered his support during the campaign.

“…I ask the members of the Garden Hills constituency to support the new candidate when election is called, Mr Stephen Greenslade. I endorse his candidacy and I look forward to working with him.”

Rolle said he spoke to Minnis and colleagues about the decision to retire from his position.

Worth noting

Rolle will continue to serve as MP and Minister of Public Service and National Insurance until the next general election.

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