Monday, February 6, 2023

Business Owner Shows Kindness During Pandemic

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After Sedley Jean faced a down turn in his company due to the coronavirus pandemic, he decided to use the time to  share kindness.

Over the past few weeks, Jean has been driving the streets of New Providence, offering police officers and health workers cold water and drinks.

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“There is a strain on officers and health workers. Those who take care of us are forgotten. So my wife and I wanted to do something,” he said.

Jean, the owner of plumbing company MST Solutions, said during his drives, he has seen many officers working in the brutal sun, while manning barricades and ensuring the public adheres to curfew and lockdown protocols.

He wanted to help.

Jean said having once worked in construction, he has experienced first hand the effects of the blazing sun.

“The sun is unforgiving and the uniforms they wear are not doing them justice. It is so hot,” he said.

His act of kindness has been positively received by police officers. Although some may have been skeptical of his actions, Jean said they have come to appreciate his benevolence.

“It makes me feel good. Business has been slow for me. But I’m glad I can put a smile on someone’s face and be an encouragement to others. ”

Jean hopes that his generosity in a time of crisis will encourage others to assist where they see a need.

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