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Only Two Politicians Had COVID-19 Scare. Here’s Who’s the Latest

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It has been said that the virus knows no bounds and respects no person. In the Bahamas, COVID-19 has hit over 900 citizens but has only scare two politicians, the latest parliamentarian revealing that he is in quarantine after testing negative for the virus.

How has the virus affected the Bahamas?

The last COVID-19 dashboard shows that 945 people in the Bahamas were affected with the virus. There are 815 active cases to date and the country has suffered 15 deaths.

Representative of the COVID-19 cases in the Bahamas as of August 10th, 2020. CSJ Report

The second wave is quickly claiming more cases than the first wave and on Sunday, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis described it as “grave,” as Grand Bahama, the nation’s second city grapples with the highest COVID cases for the country.

To mitigate chances of a spread in the House of Assembly, the lower chamber which consist of 39 members, was reorganized to permit  parliamentarians to practice social distancing. Some members remained in their seats in the main floor of the house, while others were seated in the gallery. Some members wore masks at every seating.

Who was the first politician to self-isolate?

K. Peter Turnquest – Magnetic Media

The Member of Parliament for Grand Bahama and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest was the first known politician to be exposed to the virus.

In a press release it was revealed that Turnquest received a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result on Friday, July 17. Following the Ministry of Health’s protocols, Minister Turnquest took the test after learning he was exposed to a positive case earlier that day.

Turnquest voluntarily self-quarantined, out of caution.

He performed his functions as Minister of Finance, at home.

Reports surfaced that Turnquest was exposed to the virus from his police aide in Grand Bahama, who tested positive for the virus.

Jeffrey Lloyd is hit with a probable case

Minister of Education and South Beach MP is the second parliamentarian to face quarantine after exposure to the deadly virus.

It was announced that Lloyd received a negative COVID-19 RT00-PCR test result on August 8th.

Minister Lloyd was tested after learning he was exposed to a positive case.

And out of caution Lloyd voluntarily self-quarantined.

He performs his functions as Minister of Education from home.

A press release says,  “All of the necessary COVID-19 exposure procedures with respect to the Ministry of Education headquarters building are being observed.”

Last week, staff members at the Ministry of Education were advised to stay home after a member at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, which is housed in the same building as only the education ministry, was exposed to a positive case of COVID-19.  It was confirmed by Bahamas Teachers Union President Belinda Wilson.

It was also reported that the MOE’s curriculum section was closed after a staff member too, was exposed to COVID-19 and placed under quarantine.

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