Saturday, September 30, 2023

Teacher Gets New Desk After Social Media Post Sparks Action

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A teacher’s complaint spread across social media resulting in a new desk for her classroom.

Francheska McBride is a teacher who had an old desk sitting on two blocks since 2016, she claimed. As school was scheduled to reopen last week, she took to social media to vent her frustrations.

“Come to work they said. Everything is fixed they said. But yet my desk on blocks and it been like this since 2016.”

McBride’s comment sparked reaction from her followers, many appalled by the condition of the teacher’s desk.

“This is sad,” Rufus Emmanuel said.

Branell Thurston joined the chorus. “If a teacher decides to go to work in this condition that’s on him or her. No way should this be in a classroom. That’s for rodents in a dump.”

The social media post caught the attention of the Ministry of Education which gifted her with a new desk for the new school year.

McBride celebrated the new desk, expressing gratitude to the Minister of State for Education Zane Lightbourne.

“Thank you…for supplying me with a new desk and chair. This is greatly appreciated. I was too excited. Thank you, thank you.”

Her social media followers were also happy with her new desk.

Tess Amor said, “Facebook powerful I must say.”

Kenderia Nairn posted, “Only when you complain is when you see change.”

Andrea Coleby said, “Wow this was quick. Happy for you hun. Lemme go post that I poor. If yal share it they may send me some money.”

Semaj Bunch simply exclaimed, “Awesome.”

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