Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Philip Davis Links Virus Resurgence to PM’s Poor Decision Making

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Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis blames Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for recent COVID-19 surges.

The opposition leader said Dr. Minnis made “bad decisions” and now Bahamians are “pay [ing] the price.”

On Sunday, Dr Minnis delivered a national address to the country, implementing new measures for the country including restrictive protocols for Grand Bahama including a new curfew, closure of public and private beaches and parks, and stoppage of incoming and outgoing flights.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis attributed the increase in cases to “the re-institution of international flights and passenger sea transport.”

But Davis said it is Dr. Minnis government’s failings.

“If the country was free of COVID-19 at the time of re-opening, as the Prime Minister declared, then any new cases were imported. The focus therefore has to be at the borders. And yet the Prime Minister continues to focus on criticizing Bahamians,” Davis said.

Beach closures were implemented in New Providence as well as Grand Bahama, however, Davis believes that “fresh air and exercise are critical to a nation under great stress.”

Davis believes the prime minister should have implemented guidelines to ensure safety for beach goers.

On June 29th, Dr. Minnis reopened beaches in the country discouraging large gatherings and announcing that only groupings of 5, were allowed. But since the surge, he again closed beaches.

Davis said “threatening and punishing Bahamians is not the solution to this health crisis.”

He said the government’s protocols have loopholes.

Davis called on the government to reexamine other measures that he believes need consideration, including Grand Bahama’s healthcare system, which remains hampered since the passage of Hurricane Dorian. He also called for more testing and contact tracing which he said is the answer to stopping to the spread of the virus.

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