Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Culmer Says Davis Places Politics Over Public Safety

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FNM Chairman says Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is a leader who is willing to make the tough decisions to help avoid serious spread of Covid-19

Chairman of the Free National Movement Carl Culmer criticized PLP Leader Philip Davis for “trying to use the deadly virus as political opportunity,” and defended Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’’ handling of the virus.

In a press statement, Culmer said, “It’s sad that Brave Davis and his woeful PLP lack situational awareness and focus more on politics than the safety of the people they should be serving. They should know the FNM will continue fighting to keep all Bahamians safe and healthy because the people deserve nothing less from their leaders.”

“The facts are a troubling thing for some like the old and tired Brave Davis,” Culmer said.

Davis has criticized the government for reopening the border and called on government to regularize and expand Covid-19 testing. And has been accused of flip-flopping, having previously called on government to restart the economy and reopen the borders.

Culmer said Dr. Minnis, as a doctor, worked with other professionals to assess the deadly pandemic and took “decisive action to prevent an out-of-control outbreak like we have seen in other countries.”

“The Prime Minister’s assessment and fast action – understanding that prevention is better than a cure – saved lives. And while the Prime Minster got results, Brave Davis started out complaining of an ‘overreach.”

Culmer said the country has avoided the fate of many countries where the virus has spread out of control, because of the government’s “methodical and phased re-opening of the country in the hope of containing the virus and stopping spread.”

Culmer continued, “As if on cue, Davis questioned if we were rushing to re-open and not being cautious. And as we watched the virus spread in neighboring countries after mass gatherings at places such as beaches, Prime Minister Minnis took the prudent course to prevent similar spread here.”

“Oblivious to the facts around us, Brave Davis continues launching baseless political attacks. He recklessly focuses on scoring political points rather than public safety.

“The Prime Minister by contrast is demonstrating true leadership, willing to make the tough decisions to help avoid problems before they happen.

“Dr. Minnis understands we must work to stay ahead of this deadly virus,” Culmer said.

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