Govt to Deny Some Work Permits

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Elsworth Johnson says Bahamians can do many of the jobs that are applied for at the Ministry of Immigration

Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson said some work permits will not be renewed, at the end of the lock down period, as Bahamians will be used to fill some of the positions applied for.

Outside of Cabinet on Tuesday, Johnson said, “Where there are fit and proper, competent Bahamians to do the job, they will be given that opportunity to do the job.”

Johnson said his ministry has already denied work permits as he believes Bahamians are capable of doing the job.

“We have already refused some work permits. [Work permits for] training manager. How many training managers we have in the Bahamas who could do that job?”

The immigration minister said work permit holders should not be in the Bahamas for more that 10 years without training Bahamians for the job.

“When you bring someone in and after ten years, he says there is nobody who can acquire this skill, something is wrong.

“It should never be that long.”

But he admitted that the act of denying work permits must be done with understanding and consideration.

“We have to do it in a tactful and meaningful way because no country can be built without the strategic involvement of the expatriate community,” Johnson said.

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